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John Macoviak


John Macoviak is a retired, previously well-known heart transplant surgeon and current diabetes, hypertension management and wellness author. 

Throughout his career, Dr. Macoviak wrote and contributed to articles, research projects, and publications on the topics of heart health and wellness

John Macoviak MD first gained recognition as the first and sole cardiac specialist in Washington, D.C., where he performed not only the very first heart transplant in the area but the next 30 as well. Dr. Macoviak was the Executive Director and an initial founder of the Washington, D.C. Heart Transplant Consortium a group of hospitals in Washington, D.C. area on staff for which he served as their lead heart transplant surgeon. Those hospitals included three academic hospitals, including Georgetown University Medical Center, George Washington University Medical Center, Howard University Medical Center. There were three non-academic hospitals in the consortium as well, including Children’s National Medical Center, Washington Hospital Center and the Fairfax Hospital in Virginia.

Some of his other noteworthy achievements include his years of collegiate work performed at other notable institutions and universities, including the Brompton Hospital in London, England and the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. Most of the positions held by Dr. Macoviak have centered around the teaching of cardiac health, and the avoidance and management of diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. By educating people on identifying the symptoms of pre-hypertension and pre-diabetes, he endeavors to thereby save more lives.

Dr. John A. Macoviak received both his undergraduate degree and a post-graduate degree from Georgetown University, which was followed by several residencies. After spending several years in California, an opportunity presented itself at the Minimally Invasive General and Thoracic Surgery Methodist Hospital in the state of Texas. From there, Dr. Macoviak continued on with the same area of specialty at the University of Maryland. He also worked for the Mayo Clinic as a robotic-assisted associate cardiac surgeon in Rochester, Minnesota.

In addition to his extensive career as a cardiac surgeon, John Macoviak has held other unique opportunities that add to his resume. He was fortunate enough to be a consultant with the American Institute of Biological Sciences. This initiative was part of the Space Medicine Peer Review Panel to NASA.

Before returning to school to get his MBA, John Macoviak MD was employed with his Alma Mater, Georgetown University’s School of Medicine, as an Assistant Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery. Dr. Macoviak then traveled north and started working at Harvard’s medical school as an Associate Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery. He served as the Chief Medical Officer with Cardeon, Inc., developing hypothermia to protect the brain during heart surgery. He also served as Chief Medical Officer for Ample Medical developing mitral valve repair technologies

To learn more about Dr. John Macoviak and his expertise related to wellness, pre-hypertension, and pre-diabetes, be sure to visit his blog page.

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