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In a world where phones can do almost anything, and they’re always with us, it isn’t surprising that app makers have honed in on some great apps for staying healthy both physically and mentally. The challenge is often deciding which apps will benefit us the most. To help make that decision just a little bit easier, here are some apps that you might want to consider.

Apps You May Like for Mental Health and Hypertension
Are you feeling sad, anxious, or overwhelmed? Moodfit is an app that starts by asking you about the symptoms you may be experiencing and rate their severity. It contains a library of audio files and articles to help you understand what you’re experiencing. The app is designed to help you track your moods and determine the influencing factors that may be affecting them such as sleep, medications, exercise. It also offers helpful suggestions on how to improve your mood. 

One of the most popular apps available for meditation is Headspace. It offers short, guided meditation exercises daily. There are themed sessions to help you sleep or relieve stress as well as some for use in-the-moment during an emotional crisis. The app’s goal is to teach you to be mindful. The only drawback is that this app does cost money after the initial trial experience. 

Apps You May Like for Physical Fitness
When it comes to staying fit, there are several to choose from depending on your preferences. Moves is an app that tracks your movement throughout the day. It acts as a pedometer for your daily activities like exercise, bike rides, swimming, and walking. It automatically calculates the calories you burn throughout the day as well as the distance you’ve traveled. It can map your routes and allows you to flag places you’d like to revisit. 

If you’re looking for some new exercises to add to your fitness routine, you may like You Are Your Own Gym. It contains over 200 simple exercises you can do without any equipment. If you find that you like the free version of this app, Google Play has DVDs you can purchase that allow you to download more exercises.

If yoga is more your style, you may like Daily Yoga offers hundreds of class plans and asanas which are regularly updated. Guiding you step-by-step through each movement, it has something to offer for all levels of experience. It addresses safely mastering the more challenging poses and provides more than 50 workout plans specifically to help you get fit through yoga.